Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Ready to Welcome Foreign Travel Enthusiasts

As of September 16, 2020, the Government of Nepal has announced the loosening the lockdown of the Capital of the country i.e. Kathmandu. While the essential business remained opened during the lockdown, there was limited functioning of them. Travel and trekking companies were deemed unessential and long withheld travel business due to COVID-19 pandemic, was finally announced to be opened from 16th September.

While this came out as shocking surprise, tourism and mountaineering committee rejoice this announcement as this is the revival of pivotal source of income of the country and its millions of people expensed at the tourism industry and employment it provides. People now can be able to trek and tour in Nepal with strict precautions and mitigation measures of COVID-19.

The guidelines and mitigations of measures though are yet to be formally published, the touring and trekking companies have now begun to accept new bookings and people from all over the world are looking forward to visiting Nepal and tick off their bucket list.

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