The Manaslu Circuit Trek
The Manalsu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek -16 Days

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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal that takes you through the Manaslu Conservation Area, a region that is home to several snow-capped peaks, beautiful landscapes, green forests, waterfalls, and rivers.

  • Vacation Style Trekking
    Adult group
  • Activity Level Trekking
  • Group Size Medium Groups
    Minimum 1 pax

The Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek facts:

Highest altitude: 5213 meters at Larkya La Pass.

Duration: 16 days.

Difficulty: Challenging

Trek Starts: Macchekhola

Trek ends: Syange

Group size: Minimum 1 pax.


The Manaslu Circuit Trek short Attractions:

  • Trek through one of the highest passes in the world-Larkya La Pass at 5213 meters.
  • Encounter Tibetan ethnic groups and their varieties of lifestyle.
  • Mindboggling views of some of the highest peaks in the world.
  • Hike through the remote part of the Manaslu region.
  • Witness beautiful villages, Rivers, waterfalls, forests, and of course mountain vistas.


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal that takes you through the Manaslu Conservation Area, a region that is home to several snow-capped peaks, beautiful landscapes, and a diverse range of flora and fauna. The trek is named after Mount Manaslu, which is the eighth highest mountain in the world.

The trek begins with the scenic drive to Macheekhola and takes you through several small villages, lush forests, and over high mountain passes, including the Larkya La Pass (5,135m). The pass is the challenging and demanding part of this trip. Along the way, you will be able to witness the unique culture and traditions of the local people, including the Gurungs, who are renowned for their bravery and hospitality.

The trek takes approximately 14-18 days to complete, depending on your itinerary and physical fitness. It is considered a challenging trek, and prior trekking experience is recommended. However, the stunning views of the Himalayan mountains and the opportunity to experience the local culture make it a highly rewarding adventure. Adventure leaders Nepal organize the tailormade itinerary for your adventurous trek to Manaslu Circuit.

Is permit and Guide Compulsory to do Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu is one of the restricted trekking regions of Nepal. So, a permit is required to trek in the Manaslu Conservation Area, and trekkers must be accompanied by a licensed guide. So, you may be thinking what kind of permit is required. Therefore, here are the three permits you need:

  • Manaslu special Restricted Area Permit – It costs 100 USD from September-November for 1st seven days and 15 USD after 8th
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Project – It costs 30 USD per person. However, the price remains the same during the whole year for this permit card.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project – It costs 30 USD per person and its price also same throughout the year.

It is also recommended to carry the necessary gear, including warm clothing, a good quality sleeping bag, and sturdy trekking boots.

Overall, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a great option for those looking to experience the beauty of the Himalayan mountains and immerse themselves in the local culture of Nepal.


Which is the ideal time to do Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The ideal season to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek is from September to November and from March to May. These months offer blue skies, moderate temperatures, and stable weather conditions, making it best for trekking.

During the autumn season from September to November, the skies are usually clear, and the temperature is mild, making it an ideal time for trekking. The views of the mountains are also spectacular during this season, with crisp, clear skies providing breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayas.

Similarly, during the spring season from March to May, the weather is also mild, and the skies are clear. The rhododendrons and other wildflowers are in full bloom during this season, making it a great time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the region.

However, it is important to note that the Manaslu Circuit Trek can be done throughout the year, but the monsoon season from June to August should be avoided due to heavy rainfall and slippery trails, which can make trekking challenging and dangerous. In the winter months, from December to February, the region receives heavy snowfall, making the trekking routes difficult to navigate, and temperatures can be extremely low, making it challenging to trek.


Is trek to Manaslu Circuit difficult?

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered a challenging trek, and prior trekking experience is recommended. The trek involves long and steep ascents and descents, and trekkers are required to cross high mountain passes, including the Larkya La Pass (5,135m), which can be challenging due to the altitude and the steep climb. The trek also involves walking for several hours each day, and trekkers are required to have a good level of fitness and endurance to complete the trek. Therefore, make sure you are physically and mentally ready to do this trek.


Accommodations during the Manaslu Circuit Trek

During the Manaslu Circuit Trek, accommodation options are available in the form of tea houses or lodges, which offer basic facilities such as a bed, blankets, and shared toilets. The tea houses are owned and operated by the locals, and they provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for trekkers. The quality of accommodation can vary from tea house to tea house, with some offering basic facilities, while others have more luxurious amenities. It is always advisable to carry a sleeping bag, as the bedding provided in the tea houses may not always be clean or adequate.

The tea houses also serve meals, including local Nepali food and international cuisine, such as pasta and pizza. However, it is recommended to carry some snacks and energy bars with you, as the menu options can be limited at higher elevations. It is also important to note that during peak trekking season, accommodation can be limited, and it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance. Adventure leaders Nepal and their guide can arrange the tea houses in advance especially during the peak trekking months of September to November and March to May.

Overall, the tea houses provide a comfortable and affordable accommodation option for trekkers on the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 16 Days Itinerary 

Day 01: Arrival and transfer to Hotel

When you arrive at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, our staff will pick you up and transfer you to the hotel in private vehicle.


Day 02: Trek preparation and Briefing

Today we will conduct a small meeting in our office about your trek to Manaslu Circuit. We will introduce you with your guide and he will explain about the gear you need for the trek. Likewise, he will give short description about the trek and what to expect.


Day 03: Drive to Macchekhola by Local Bus.

The first day of your trip begins with driving through the countryside highway enjoying the views of local villages, forests, rivers, etc. Drive from Kathmandu to Macchekhola takes 6-7 hours.

Day 04:  Trek to Jagat (1340m, 4-5 hours)

From Macchekhola, the trek starts through the bank of Budhi Gandaki river. The trail leads you to various villages, terrace fields, forests and mountain views on the sight. Crossing the suspension bridge over the Budhigandaki river, you will climb up to reach Jagat Village.


Day 05: Trek to Deng (1800m, 6-7 hours)

Similar like yesterday, today the trek begins along the Budhigandaki river and pleasant uphill climb. Then, we will cross several suspension bridges above Budhigandaki River. After walking for an hour then we reach Philim Village. Similarly, you can see monasteries, stupas, and prayers flags in the village. Then from Philim, we will trek through rhododendron forest to reach Deng. Overnight stay at Deng.


Day 06: Trek to Namrung (2900m, 6-7 hours)

After having breakfast, the trek begins with the gentle climb down to the bank of Budhigandaki river. Similarly, the trail continues towards Rana Gaun, enjoying the scenic landscapes. Stopping Ghap for our lunch, we again continue through beautiful waterfalls and rivers. Overnight stay at Namrung.


Day 07: Trek to Lho(3180m, 5-6 hours)

From Namrung, the trek begins with the lined long Mani Stone wall. Likewise, when you reach near Lho Gaun, you will see Pungen Glacier and beautiful views of Mt. Manaslu. Overnight stay at Lho.



Day 08: Trek to Samagaun (3500m, 6-7 hours)

After having breakfast, we will return back to Glacier and follow the route of lateral moraine. Likewise, experience the lifestyle of the Nubri people along the trek. You will get to see Yak grazing on the pastures at some point during the hike. Overnight stay at Samagaun.


Day 09: Acclimatization day at Samagaun

Today we will stay one more day at Samagaun before heading at higher altitude. However, we will do some hikes around the village and walk to Birendra lake. And, if you are feeling good then you can walk up to the base camp of Mt. Manaslu. The hike offers the stunning views of charming village and tranquil valleys. Overnight stay at Samagaun.


Day 10: Trek to Samdo (3700m, 3-4 hours)

After spending 2 nights at Samagaun, we will hike to Samdo today. The trek begins through the hills at first hours, and arrive at grazing area of sheep. Likewise, walk through the Birch and Juniper forests. Samdo is a small Tibetan settlement. Upon reaching Samdo, check in at Tea house and you can spend rest of the day exploring around. Overnight stay at Samdo.


Day 11: Trek to Dharmashala (4450m, 4-5 hours)

Similar to the Other days during the trek, today also we climb down to the Budhi Gandaki River. Trek goes through the Larkya Bazaar and continues towards Salka Valley. The valley pffers beautiful mountains and lanscapes. Upon arriving Dharmashala, you will start to see the sight of Larkya Glacier. Overnight stay at Dharmashala.


Day 12: Trek to Bhimthang (3720m) via Larke La pass (5213m) (8-9 hours)

Today is the toughest and strenuous part of the trek. We start early from Dharmasala and start to climb up to reach Larkya La pass at 5213 meters. This stunning pass offers majestic views of mountain peaks and landscapes. After crossing the pass, we will trek down through tha moraine of a glacier called Salpunda. Overnight stay at Bhimthang.


Day 13: Trek to Tilije (2300m, 5-6 hours)

After walking for 7-9 hours during the pass, you may be tired. Enjoy the morning witnessing superb sunrise views striking at Mt. Manaslu and Himlung Himal. The trek starts with the gentle walk through the pine forests. Along the way, visit historical Tobetan Poetry Milarepa Cave. Overnight stay at Tilije.


Day 14: Trek to Jagat

From Tilije, you start to walk crossing the suspension bridge over Dudh Koshi River. Similarly, pass through several man walls and arch to reach Thonje Village. Likewise, encounter with the views of Himalayas, scrub forests, waterfalls and rivers. Overnigh stay at Jagat.


Day 15: Trek to Syange and drive to Besisahar.

You adventurous trek to Manaslu comes to an end at Syange. From syange we drive to Besisahara to stay overnight.

Day 16: Drive to Kathmandu/Pokhara. 

From Besisahar you have two options, either to drive Pokhara or to return back Kathmandu. If you want to relax and spend some time in Pokhara then, we recommend staying a day or two at Pokhara. You can do some adventurous activities like Paragliding, Boating, Bungee Jumping, etc. in Pokhara.


Costs Includes:

  • Airport pick up and drop from Tribhuwan International Airport
  • Trekkers Information Management system permit card.
  • Restricted special Manaslu region permit card.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit card.
  • Manaslu Conservation Area project permit card.
  • 13 Days guide expenses including his insurance.
  • 13 Days porter expenses including his insurance.
  • Kathmandu-Macchekhola public vehicle costs.
  • Besisahar-Pokhara or Besisahar Kathmandu vehicle costs.
  • Meals and Accommodations costs during the trek.
  • 2 night hotel in Kathmandu
  • Government and local taxes.


Cost Excludes:

  • Personal expenses during the trek like drinks and beverages.
  • Rescue and evacuation costs.
  • Travel insurance costs.
  • Tips for guide and porter.

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